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  • Estació d'Esquí Masella
  • Av. Peu de Pistes s|n
    17538 Masella - Alp


Is there any discount when buying a Masella ticket?

There are many discounts when buying a day-pass: Large families, Carnet Jove, Students, RaccMaster Card, Ski Clubs,... For more detailed information please call to (0034) 972 144 000 or consult to

Can I buy a Multi-day ticket?

Yes, of course you can buy it. A pass for as many days you'd be skiing in Masella.

Does the ticket include any insurance?

The only insurance included is the AOV (Obligatory Vehicle Insurance), but you might want to have a medical insurance that covers you any skiing injury. You can also ask for it when buying a dayly or multiday pass, just ask for it at the tellers. Consult your insurance company ahead of your trip to make sure you can relay on them if needed.

What is the resort's facilities timetable?

Lifts 9.15h to 16.45h
Trails 9.15h to 17.00h
Ticket office 9.00h to 15.00h
Rental 8.45h to 17.30h
Bars 9.15h to 16.45h
Ski and Snowboard school 9.15h to 17.00h
Weekends and holidays
Lifts 9.00h to 17.00h
Trails 9.00h to 17.00h
Ticket office 8.30h to 15.30h
Rental 8.15h to 17.30h
Bars 8.00h to 18.00h
Ski and Snowboard school 8.30h to 17.00h

Are Masella and La Molina the same resort?

No. Although they are physically joined, they are different resorts and, therefore, they are run as such. When talking about this merger we say Alp 2500. Both resorts are linked by the 6 seat chairlift Jumbo Tosa de Masella and the Molina cabinlift Alp 2500

May I ski in La Molina with a Masella ticket?

No, if you want to ski in La Molina as well, you'll have to buy a pass for ALP 2500 (valid for both resorts).

What happens if, due to bad weather conditions or any other unexpected contingency and having bought an Alp 2500 ticket in Masella, I got trapped in La Molina?

Both resorts are constantly connected by telephone and radio to solve any unexpected contingency. They will always take care of you and your family

What kind of equipment do I need to go skiing?

To go skiing you should wear skis, boots, poles, gloves, cap, sunscreen, waterproof jacket and trousers. It's worth wearing a helmet, both adults and children.

Which kind of equipment can I find in Masella?

In our rental shop you will find alpine and carving skis, snowboards, snowblades, boots, poles and helmets, both adult and children sizes.

Can I receive ski lessons in the afternoon?

Yes, you can choose the timetable of your private lessons, as long as we have available instructors. We recommend you to book your lessons in advance. You can contacte by phone - 972 890 145- or writing an email to

The best age to start skiing?

In Masella we have a Children Park appropriate for 3 to 6 years old kids to start skiing in the best conditions. The perfect age to start is between 5 and 6 years old, depending on hte personality of the boy or girls.

How many lessons I need to descend by my own?

It always depend on the person and his fit but we recommend at least 6 to 8 hours guided by an instructor to descend in a safe way.

Do I need to know how to ski if I want to learn snowboard?

No, it's not indispensable, you only need to feel like learning a new sport! Actually everybody who tries it says that it's easier than skiing.

Can children snowboard?

Of course! From 7 years old the can start receiving snowboard lessons. Besides the fact that if you train at Masella you can train with champions, because in our resort we have a lot of them.

Can I reach Masella by train?

The nearest train station is Alp station and you can take a taxi from there to Masella. There is also La Molina stations. For further information you can check

Can I picnic in Masella?

Up on the mountain you can picnic where you want but please be careful with the environment and don't leave any rubish. Please use the bins.

Which is the best time of the season to ski in Masella?

Always depends on the weather and the snowfalls. Sometimes is in January, sometimes in februrary or march. If you can choose the dates we reccomend you to come better in weekdays than on the weekend.

What could children do while we are skiing? 

They can stay at the Nursery, from 18 months old, or at Children Park, from 3 to 6 years old.

Town Councill 972 890 012
Fire Service 972 890 037
Taxis 972 892 021
Renfe Train Station 972 144 424
Takeaway meals 972 140 852
Balloon flights 085
Town Council 972 880 650
Hospital 972 880 150
Mossos d'esquadra 972 881 125
Toursim Office 972 140 665
Library 972 880 304
Sports Club [swimming pool and ice pool] 972 880 243
Cinema 972 880 476
Renfe Train Station 972 880 650
Taxis 972 880 011
Emergency 088