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Responsability Code

Skiing and snowboarding may be enjoyed in many ways.

In some areas, you can meet people wearing alpine skis, snowboards, snowblades, telemark skis, and other specialized equipment as disabled people equipment.

Whatever way you choose to enjoy slopes, you should always be respectful towards others and bear in mind that most of ski practice risks may be reduced with a good deal of common sense and responsibility.

Pay attention to the following rules and take up you part of responsibility to make skiing or snowboarding an unforgettable experience.

Resort assistance/AID:
972 144 000 - 680 144 000

F.I.S Security Rules

  • The skier must behave in order not to endanger or harm others.
  • The skier must always keep control when skiing.
  • When going downhill the skier has to take a way that guarantees security to the skiers below him.
  • When overtaking another skier the fastest skier has to give the slower one space enough to let him do his own manoeuvres.
  • When entering a run, the skier has to look uphill and downhill and make sure that the trail is free.
  • The skier must avoid stopping in those parts of the trail being narrow or dangerous or having poor visibility.
  • Users and people walking up and down a trail must do it from the side.
  • The skier must obey all sings as well as the staff instructions.
  • In case of an accident, skiers must help and inform the staff whenever possible.
  • All users and witnesses involved in an accident should identify themselves to the staff and to the authorities when necessary.

Security Rules

  • Use the appropriate equipment and make sure that it is in good condition.
  • Ski on trails that suit your level and control speed.
  • Do not stop in the middle of a trail. You must do it on the side and away from the other skiers' path.
  • Skiers coming from above have priority. When joining a run and before taking up the slope again you have to give way.
  • Slow down in crowded or beginner areas or in case of poor visibility.
  • Observe the markers and sings spread around the resort. Don not ski in forbidden areas.

Rules in case of an accident

  • Ask immediately for the staff's help and tell them as accurately as possible the position of the injured person. If you do not know the exact position, try to give them as many references as you can.
  • In order to protect the injured person from other dangers, signpost the area above him by cross-thrusting the skis into the snow.
  • Do not move the injured person. Try to calm him/her down while waiting for the first aid team.
  • The better you can do for an injured person is to keep him/her as warm, relax and comfortable as possible.
Weekdays: 8:30 AM to 16:00 PM
Holidays and weekends: Closed